Corvettes of Western Ontario

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Memberships are currently available to those owners or lessors of GM Chevrolet Corvette (per our Clubs by-laws, you must have the title to a Corvette in order to become a Member in good standing).   The following items are just some of the benefits of CWO Membership.

- The Club has approximately 120 to 130 individuals within its ranks, consisting of both Members and Associate Members.

- In addition, the Club has maintained an active status and role in CCCC-ER (Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs - Eastern Region) since the day of their inception. This further encompasses an additional 13 or so associate clubs, where points and prizes can be earned through the attendance of CCCC-ER events.

- See our calendar for details on the many shows we attend and assist with each year.

- There is something in the Club for everyone, ranging from car shows, car rallies, track and dyno days, golf outings, volunteering at the London Food Bank and Hospitality Meal Programs, as well as annual trips to Carlisle and other shows in the U.S.A.

- Monthly Club meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month. This affords Club Members and Associates, the opportunity to partake in discussions and share ideas with fellow club members, along with the opportunity to sit in on Guest Speakers, Technical sessions when arranged, and also to preview the upcoming months Activities Committee presentations.

- Club apparel in both men's and ladies sizes, along with car window decals are available for purchase.
- The Club publishes a monthly Club Newsletter which is available to all membership via CWO website.  In addition, each Member receives minutes from the past meetings, Activities Committee updates and notification upcoming Club Meetings.